Showing: Jinasagara Lhator with retinue
Jinasagara Lhator with retinue
The central torma of Jinasagara (Gyawa Gyamtso, Red Avalokiteshvara) with retinue of four, has approximately the same dimensions as the Chakrasamvara and Vajrayogini tormas. Also needed for this practice, and included in the set, is a white torma for Worldly Deities (depicted) that stands about five inches tall and one and a half inches across the base.  Not included here are four, Four Karmas tormas needed for the druppa (group practice). The tormas vary for this practice, depending on the transmission lineage. Sometimes the practice requires a retinue of nine, and sometimes a Mentor is used. Be sure to confirm the necessary tormas for your particular practice.
$ 440.00
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