Kunchok Chidu

Showing: Kunchok Chidu tsator, Guru Drakpo & Simhamuka
Kunchok Chidu tsator, Guru Drakpo & Simhamuka
Tormas for the Essence of the Three Jewels Practice

There are several tormas for Kunchok Chidu (Essence of the Three Jewels), Padmasambhava guru yoga practice, identified below. The Mentor may be used in daily practice and feast. In retreat at Gampo Abbey, this torma was not used and the Ludu and Tsomen were used. Whatever form of Kunchok Chidu practice you are doing, retreat or otherwise, be sure to confirm the necessary tormas for your particular practice as they may vary some depending on the teacher and transmission lineage.  Additionally, there are several tormas of tsampa (barley flour) made by the practitioner and offered on a daily basis, and also at the conclusion of the retreat cycle. These are not included here but are important for the practitioner to be aware of.

The permanent tormas for Kunchok Chidu practice are:
For Daily Practice and Feast

  • Kunchok Chidu Tsator (Guru Torma)
  • Guru Drakpo Torma
  • Simamukha Torma
  • Mentor
  • Red Peaceful Naivedya
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