Showing: Six-arm Mahakala
Six-arm Mahakala
Mahakala (protector) practices may be conducted as part of a main deity practice, or on their own. There are many, many protectors in the Tibetan tradition and many ways to conduct a protector practice, but generally there will be a torma offering involved. The tormas depicted here are a few I have made. Given the variety of tormas possible, kindly contact me with information as to what you need. Generally I need a photo(s), or line drawings with color annotations and we can determine timing, cost and so forth.
These tormas are customized and vary in price as a result. Please email with your requirements and we will send you an appropriate estimate.
Important: All tormas are made to order. You will be contacted with final shipping costs when your torma is finished and ready to ship. If you would like a shipping estimate before placing your order, please email